About Us


In 1980, I co-founded Educational Productions Inc., an award-winning video production company that, over the next 28 years, produced a dozen documentary-style instructional video series. Those 50+ videos were used to train early childhood educators throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the most important elements in those videos were same day interviews with the master teachers, whose interactions with children we filmed. It was clear that those interviews had to be transcribed, or we would never make it through post. That was long before computers were common and, alas, years before non-linear editing would be available. But we quickly discovered that, trying to transcribe them ourselves, on an IBM Selectric typewriter, was a totally frustrating, hair pulling experience.

One of my sons, David, took an interest in the work. So, it was a no brainer to hand off those chores to him, even though he was still in high school. Years later, David became a medical transcriptionist, with blazing speed and near perfect accuracy. And, over the years, he also did transcription work for clients in business, education and applied research.

Fast forward to 2008. We sold Educational Productions, and I became a one-person video production shop – with the same problem: who’s going to transcribe all these interviews? I still had David’s flying fingers to speed up my post production efforts, when he had time. But I kept hearing a familiar refrain from other producers: ‘I waste sooooo many hours trying to shape the story and find the phrases that I know an interviewee uttered. There’s gotta be a better way!’

There is, and that’s how SoundsRight Transcription was born.

Linda Freedman